Sisters and Brothers,

COPS Employees at Alaska Airlines enrolled in several of the HMO plans will be paying less for health care premiums beginning with their upcoming paychecks. This is the result of the IAM’s recent arbitration win, in which Arbitrator John LaRocco ordered Alaska to cease and desist from violating its contractual obligation to contribute the “same amount” to its HMO plans as it does for the same tier of coverage for PPO plans.

In what it claims is compliance with that order, Alaska will begin to contribute the same percentage share of HMO costs plans as it does to the PPO.   The IAM does not believe this is full compliance.

It is the IAM’s position that the contract and the Arbitrator’s decision requires Alaska to contribute the same dollar amount to the HMO as it does to the PPO. Although the Company’s partial compliance means that many COPS employees will now be paying less for their health care premiums, it is still not the full reduction they are entitled to. The IAM will continue to press Alaska to fully comply and, if necessary, will take the issue of remedy back to the Arbitrator.

We will continue to keep you updated on our efforts to secure full relief for all affected Alaska employees.

In Solidarity,

Jackie Fay


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