C o m m u n i t y S e r v i c e


Dear Sisters and Brothers,
There has been a lot of news coverage recently on the Corona Virus. Listed below are some
suggestions that may assist you in making informed decisions.
Stay informed at all times. Stay tuned in with your local, state and national media outlets.
Check the CDC website for the latest information on the corona virus updates in your
community. “ CDC.GOV ”
Put a plan together that will address your medical, health, dietary, day to day and economic
needs for you and above all things “ Do Not Panic”
Stay focus! If need arises, assist wherever you can.
Network yourself with others on things that we can all do together to assist our community.
Emergency Supplies to have on hand
1. Water.
2. Food.
3. Medicine.
4. Bio hazard bags/ clothing/gloves
5. Portable Radio.
6. Sanitizers, soap and disinfectants.
7. Electrolyte drinks.
8. Toilet Paper
9. Cloth Diapers and Feminine supplies.
10. First Aid Kit and Pandemic mask.
Lastly, wash your hands frequently throughout the day and sanitize your work and related areas where
ever you can. Let’s work together in overcoming this challenge.
Local Lodge 1932 – Community Service Committee









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Soccer captain Willie Linares and the team proudly wore the IAMAW emblem during the tournament in Barcelona Spain October 2019 of this year,

Tony Blannon and Joe Martinez of our local lodge 1932 are also there during the tournament, prompting team sports in our community. Good Job Guys











St. Margaret’s School Christmas Adopt-a-Family 2019 Community Service from IAMAW Local Lodge 1932.

The Oliva’s Family.

About a year ago,Henry Oliva suffered a terrible accident at his workplace that his left hand and stomach got severely injured. He had to undergo multiple surgeries . Since the incident , Henry has not been able to work due to the physical damage inflicted on his body. Recently, he received an additional surgical treatment on his hands during the beginning of November ad his currently in recovery. Now, Henry’s wife Idalia works alone to provide for her family, but their present income is not enough all of the family’s expenses . Furthermore, given that Henry’s benefits will terminate during this month of November, the family is incredibly worried about how they will be able to manage household expense with their current financial situation.