Our upcoming in person union meeting on 07/06/2021.

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,
I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. The Executive Board is excited to announce that we will hold our July 06 business meeting at our local lodge at 4PM. We look forward to seeing all of you once again. Until then, take care and stay safe.
Please post this attachment on our union boards as soon as you are able to.
In Solidarity

• The Grand Lodge has postponed the 40th Convention scheduled for September of
2021 until 2022.

• Local Lodge 1932 will hold nominations for all Executive Board and Committee
positions on 11/02/2021. Members interested in running for any of these
positions must be in good standing and meet all the required prerequisites per
the constitution and our bylaws. The election (if necessary) will take place on
12/7/2021 from 8am to 8pm at our Local Lodge.

• The Executive Board is committed to ensuring the safety and health of all our
union members for the meeting on 07/06/2021. Therefore, please review the
guidelines that are posted on our union boards and website before attending the

Let’s us all come together on Tuesday July 06, 2021 and celebrate our first in person
business meeting in over 14 months. The State of California and the City of Hawthorne has
lifted most restrictions on social gatherings and distancing on June 15,2021.
The Executive Board is excited that we can once again have regular meetings and move
forward together in taking care of our Local Lodge union business each month. We will
continue per our bylaws to have our regular business meetings on the first Tuesday of each
month at 4:00PM, unless we must change the union meetings in order to be in compliance with
the Grand Lodge constitution and our bylaws.

In order to make sure we that have a safe and successful meeting. We are asking that
our members wear face masks at our union meetings until things change at a later date. This
action is done, so that we can protect the safety and health of all of our members. The
Executive Board looks forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday 07/06/2021 at 4:00PM.
In Solidarity,
Joe Martinez
Joe Martinez
Recording Secretary
Local Lodge 1932
P.S When speaking you are permitted to lower your mask and when completed please place
mask back on.

Updated: July 20, 2021 — 11:21 am