Caring For Our Community


Greetings Sisters and Brothers,
I hope that you are all doing well and staying safe. Currently there’s no
vaccine available for children 11 years and younger. Hopefully that will change in
the coming months. So, until then. We can do our part in protecting them by
wearing face masks when we are in contact with them. Please keep in mind that
even though you may be fully vaccinated, you can still transmit the Covid19/ Delta
variant to anyone that is not vaccinated. Please wear your face mask when there
is a potential risk involved.
Lastly, if you have family members, friends and neighbors that have not made the
decision to get vaccinated. Please let them know that you respect their position
but also let them know much you care and are concerned about their health too.
In Solidarity,
Joe Martinez
Community Services Representative


Updated: August 18, 2021 — 5:41 pm