Dear Sisters and Brothers,
I hope that you are all doing well and staying safe. Listed below are websites that will provide
you with valuable information as we move forward during these challenging times.
Stay Informed/ Stay Focus/Stay Safe
● Please stay informed at all times. Read the emails and latest newsletters from The Grand Lodge,
District 141/ 142, EAP – Helping Hands and our own local lodge flyers that are posted in our
union boards.
● Helpful Websites – Grand lodge “ District 141 “”.District 142 “” and LL1932 “ iamlocal
● Needless to say we are faced with many challenges these days. However, let’s not lose sight on
what we can do in addressing our challenges together. For instance, our Local Lodge has a
Rapid Response Team that has done a great job in providing valuable and helpful information
to our members that have been affected by involuntary furloughs.
● On June 29, 2020 our Local Lodge had a food distribution for our union members and our
community in Hawthorne Ca. In addition, we are currently working on doing another food
distribution in the very near future. We will shared this information with our members as soon
as we have a date to work with.
Please continue to wash your hands frequently throughout the day and sanitize your work and related
areas on a daily basis. Also, it’s extremely important that we all adhere to social distancing and wearing
a face masks. These are safety precautions design to save lives. Lastly, let’s be kind and respectable of
each other during these challenging times.
Take care and stay safe.
In Solidarity,
Joe Martinez
Community Services Rep.
Local lodge 1932

Updated: August 12, 2020 — 12:43 pm