IAM District 141, United Airlines Reach Agreement in Principle on Seven Contracts

29 March 2023
IAM District 141, United Airlines Reach Agreement in Principle on Seven Contracts
IAM District 141 and United Airlines today announced that Agreements in Principle have been reached in the expedited
bargaining process covering approximately 30,000 IAM-represented workers in seven different work classifications at the
Although this round of expedited, limited issue bargaining has been frustrating at times, we now have an Agreement in
Principle that we can be proud of. The two-year tentative agreements, if ratified, will provide industry-best wage rates at
every step for every contract, insource five previously outsourced locations, MIA, COS (ATW and BTW), ATL, RDU, and SLC
(BTW), and bring the 17 locations currently covered by LOA 9 into the scope of the agreement with no expiration date. We
also were able to increase lead and specialty premiums, limit part-time usage, extend system no lay-off protection to tens
of thousands of IAM members, agree to a one-year early opener, and a Ratification Payment.
We bargained many good things in these tentative accords, but there is certainly more work to do. Critically, and possibly
the most important component of this Agreement in Principle, if ratified by the membership, we will be back in
negotiations one year from the date these agreements are ratified to bargain for more.
Every contractual change negotiated will be available to the membership no later than April 10th. The District 141 United
Airlines Negotiations Committee is currently putting these materials together, as well as working on a ratification schedule.
I’d like to thank every IAM member at United Airlines for your patience and steadfast support during these last 14 months
of negotiations. Our bargaining power derives directly from all IAM members collectively demanding to achieve our stated
contractual priorities and objectives. I’d also like to thank the IAM District 141 United Negotiations Committee. I want every
IAM member to know that your committee represented your interests with the greatest of care, attention, and detail. I also
want to thank Air Transport General Vice President Richie Johnsen and his staff for their support and counsel. These
agreements would not have been possible without the support and resources of the Grand Lodge.
Your IAM District 141 United Airlines Negotiations Committee unanimously recommends ratification.
In Solidarity,
Michael G. Klemm

President and Directing General Chair,
District 141, International Association of
Machinists and Aerospace Workers

Your Negotiating Committee
Olu Ajetomobi
Joe Bartz
Victor Hernandez
Barb Martin
Andrea’ Myers
Terry Stansbury
Faysal Silwany
Erik Stenberg
Sue Weisner

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