United Management Not Listening; No Progress Made.


21 May 2022
United Management Not Listening; No Progress Made
IAM District 141 and United Airlines management this week continued expedited negotiations in Chicago.
Unfortunately, no progress was made towards reaching the industry-best contract that IAM members at United Airlines
As we reported in our last negotiations update, United management was to present to the negotiations committee
what it characterized as a “comprehensive proposal.” They presented their “comprehensive framework” and it fell wildly
short of addressing IAM members’ priorities. Your negotiations committee let United management know that their
“comprehensive framework” was wholly unacceptable.
IAM members at United Airlines indicated in our contract survey and proposal process that our top priority is job
security/scope of work. Sadly, the only component of this top priority in which United was specific was management’s
desire to claw back work that is now protected and outsource it. Clearly, United management is not listening. And, with
the current state of inflation, United management thinks it’s acceptable for us to take a cut in our real wages.
United CEO Kirby has stated publicly that our carrier will generate record breaking revenue for the second quarter and it
is crystal clear that the US airline industry is experiencing a strong recovery. Either United management has no respect
for us and does not value our past sacrifices and our current contributions, or they have no desire to reach an
Negotiations will continue next week.
In solidarity,

Michael G. Klemm
President & Directing General Chairman
IAMAW, District 141

Your District 141 Negotiating Committee
Olu Ajetomobi
Joe Bartz
Victor Hernandez
Barb Martin
Andrea’ Myers
Terry Stansbury
Faysal Silwany
Erik Stenberg
Sue Weisner

Updated: May 21, 2022 — 5:20 pm