Local Lodge 1932 Bylaws Effective June 2015

Proposals for new amendments will be accepted every year up until April 15th.  All proposals submitted, will be read aloud by the Bylaw Committee at the Local Lodge meeting in May.  They will then be read again at the next Local Lodge meeting in June.  During the readings in June there will be an opportunity for  discussion and then all bylaw proposals will be voted on individually.

If you would like to propose a change in the bylaws, please fill out the form completely and either bring to the April Local Lodge meeting, hand in to a member of the Bylaw Committee, or fax to 310-676-7104 by April 15th.

Any questions please contact a member of the Bylaw Committee or Executive Board.


If you are interested in being part of the Bylaw Committee please speak to an Executive Board Member as soon as possible.


For information on your District Bylaws, please see below.

District 141 Bylaws


District 142 Bylaws





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