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“Labor is prior to and Independent of Capitol. Capitol is only the fruit of Labor and could never have existed first. Labor is the superior of Capitol and deserves much the higher consideration.

lnasmuch as most good things are produced by Labor, it follows that things ought to belong to those whose Labor has produced them. But it has happened in all ages of the world that some have labored, and others without Labor have enjoyed a large proportion of the fruits. This is wrong and to secure for a laborer, the whole product of his Labor, as nearly as possible, is a worthy object of good Government.”


  1. Pledge to
  2. Roll call of officers and noting of absentees.
  3. New
  4. Report on committees and applications and acting on
  6. Reading of minutes and acting on
  7. Installation of
  8. Examination of dues books and introduction of visiting
  9. Reports of F.S. and Treasurer, including receipts and dis- bursements since the close of last meeting.
  10. Communications, bills,
  11. Reports of
  12. Anything for the good of the IAM and discussion of subjects of an economic
  13. Unfinished
  14. New business. Election of
  15. Report of sick and disabled members and of relief com-
  16. Reports of members out of work and positions

Approved:  6-30-23
Effective:      7-1-23



Section 1.              This Lodge shall be known as the Stephen O. Cooke Air Transport Lodge, Local 1932 of the international Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

Section 2.              The object of this Lodge shall be to defend, protect, and advance the interests of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, and to improve the working conditions and wages paid its members wherever employed.

Section 3.              This Lodge and its members shall be governed by these bylaws which, when adopted, will supersede all past action taken by the membership and recorded on the Lodge records, except wherein they are superseded by the bylaws of an affiliated District or the IAM Constitution.


Section 1.              The regular Local Lodge meeting of this Lodge shall be held on the first (1st) Tuesday of each month, the meeting shall convene at 4:00 p.m. When a meeting date falls on a generally recognized holiday, a substitute day of meeting may be set at the preceding meeting. Should a meeting date fall on a date of federal or state election, the meeting will be held on the following day. Such change of the meeting will be posted two weeks in advance.

(a) The sign-in book is to be opened at 15:30 and to close at 16:30. If the start time changes for the meeting, the open and close will be adjusted to accordingly to coincide with the start time.

Section 2.             Local lodges with less than 500 members, not less than five (5) members will constitute quorum. More than 500 members but less than 1500 members, not less than ten (10) members will constitute quorum. More than 1500 members, not less than twenty (20) members will constitute quorum.

  • If, and when, there is no quorum meeting within thirty (30) days following an Executive Board meeting, all items approved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Board and on the agenda will take effect.

Section 3.              In any instance where Local Lodge officers and/or committeepersons are required to take time off in order to attend meetings of the Local Lodge, such officers and/or committeepersons shall be compensated at their straight time rate for the wages lost upon approval of properly submitted statements to the Local Lodge.

Section 4.             Special meetings shall be called by the President in accordance with the IAM ConstitUttOfl. The call for a special meeting will state the purpose of the meeting. Discussion and action at such meeting shall be confined to the subject for which the special meeting was called.

Section S.              If your cell phone rings during a monthly meeting or an Executive Board meeting, you will be fined five dollars ($5.00) that will be donated to MNPL.


Section 1.              Qualifications for membership shall be governed by the IAM Constitution and the bylaws of Los Angeles Air Transport Local Lodge No. 1932.

Section 2.              Application for membership must be paid with the full initiation or reinstatement fee by payroll deduction or personal check at member’s choice.

Section 3.             The initiation fee of this Local Lodge shall be $100.00 and the reinstatement fee of this Local Lodge shall be equal to $75.00.

Section 4.              The maximum monthly dues of this Lodge shall be two (2) times the maximum base rate of each classification of the members employed covered by the collective bargaining agreements under the Local Lodge jurisdiction in accordance with the IAM Constitution. These dues will also include the $1.10 levy imposed by the Grand Lodge.

Section S.              Any increase in the per capita tax by the Grand Lodge or the District Lodge shall automatically increase the monthly dues of this Local Lodge at the same time and a like amount.


Section 1.              In accordance with the provisions of the IAM Constitution, the funds and property of this Local Lodge shall remain with the Local Lodge for its legitimate purposes so long as it is chartered by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. If, for any reason, the charter is withdrawn, all funds and property shall be turned over to the Grand Lodge.

Section 2.              All Funds of this Local Lodge, except the regular bills as defined herein will be drawn by a majority vote at a regular meeting upon an order signed by the President (or Vice President in the absence of the President) and Recording Secretary, with the Local Lodge Seal affixed. All monies drawn shall be by numbered checks which will be signed by the Secretary-Treasurer and countersigned by the President or Vice President in the absence of the President.


Section 3.             Regular bills shall be interpreted to mean office rent, Union meeting hall rent, approved office salaries and supplies to operate the office and other similar bills which may occur regularly. The Grand Lodge and District per capita tax is not to be considered a bill which must be approved by the membership.

Section 4.              The Funds of this Local Lodge shall be deposited in a bank of sound financial standing in the name of the Local Lodge. The Emergency Fund shall be placed in a separate account.

  • Funds for refreshments will be expensed as followed: monthly member meeting up to $300,00 (unless pre-approved by the members at a prior meeting); Monthly E-board meetings up to $100.00 (unless pre-approved by members at a prior meeting); Election Day refreshments up to $100.00 (unless pre-approved by members at a prior

Section S.              The Funds, property or assets of this Local Lodge shall not be loaned or appropriated for any other than legitimate purposes in the IAM.

Section 6.              For the death of any member, member’s spouse, member’s child, or member’s Parent, a floral wreath, a Holy Bible or a memorial contribution, the cost of which shall not exceed $100.00 shall be sent by the President of the Local Lodge.

  • A Holy Bible will also be given if the deceased is a member of

Local Lodge 1932.

Section 7.              No motion shall be in order to vote more than $500.00 for any purpose at a Lodge meeting unless two weeks notice has been given at a previous regular meeting, or a notice has been posted on the Union bulletin boards for one week prior to the regular meeting at which the vote will be taken.

Section 8.              Local Lodge 1932 shall maintain a quarterly newsletter.

Section 9.              Retirees Club: The Local Lodge will establish Retiree Clubs in order to provide retired members of the IAM, who reside in the greater Los Angeles area, the ability to assist the lodge where needed in areas such as training and organizing. The Lodge will establish a Retiree Club Fund by contributing a one-time deposit of $1,000. Thereafter, the Lodge will fund the Retiree Club by contributing $225 per month until such time as the fund reaches a cap of $5,000. When the cap is reached the Local Lodge will stop the monthly contribution. When the fund is depleted below $1,000, the monthly contribution will be re-implemented until the fund reaches the $5,000 cap. This witl be perpetual for as long as the Retiree Club is in place. The Retiree Club shall be authorized to expense no more than $100 on refreshments for each regularly scheduled meeting as established by the Retiree Club bylaws. All other expenses of the Retiree Club must be approved at a regularly scheduled Local Lodge meeting with recommendation of the


Local Lodge Executive Board. The expenses of the Retiree Club are to be disbursed from the General Fund of the Local Lodge by the Secretary-Treasurer in accordance with the IAM Constitution and these bylaws. The Retiree Club Fund will reimburse the General Fund of the Local Lodge for all Retiree Club expenses incurred by the Local Lodge. All membership dues of the Retiree Club are to be received by the Local Lodge Secretary- Treasurer, deposited in the General Fund and then transferred into the Retiree Club Fund. Membership dues of the Retiree Club are not to be collected if the Retiree Club Fund has reached its cap of $5,000.

Section 10.            The Local Lodge shall contribute to the IAM MNPL Educational Fund annually an amount not less than the minimum of the recommended amount as set by the National Planning Committee.

Section 11.            All purchases approved by the membership at a regular business meeting will have a one (1) year expiration date from the date of approval.

Section 12.            All members who are scheduled to attend a union function at the expense of the Local Lodge (with the exception of the district and/or Grand Lodge Convention) will be assessed the following penalty if they do not attend and are not properly excused by the Local Lodge. First offense in a rotating calendar year 6-month restriction on attending another union function. Second offense in a rotating calendar year: one (1) year restriction on attending another union function

For the purpose of this section, a union function shall be defined as a Local Lodge gathering or event where the Local Lodge has put money up front to block space for Guide Dogs of America or Martin Luther King events.


Section 1.              (a) Local Lodge 1932 Officers, Grievance Committeepersons, Editor, E.A.P. and Safety Chairperson shall receive a monthly salary as follows:



Vice President


Recording Secretary












E.A.P. Chairperson


Safety Chairperson


Local Lodge Grievance Committee members/Alaska Airlines Chief Shop Steward shall receive a monthly salary as follows:

Representing over 500 members                                               $200.00

Representing 200 members or less                                            $150.00 Alaska Chief Shop Steward representing over 500 members                                                $300.00

All Chief Shop Stewards (not including the Alaska Airlines Chief Shop Steward) who are members of Local Lodge 1932, shall receive a monthly salary of

$150.00 representing over 200 members and $100.00 representing less than 200 members.

At stations with less than 100 members only one (1) committeeperson shall

be reimbursed a committee salary.

Shop Steward(s) shall receive a monthly salary of an amount equivalent to monthly dues provided that Shop Stewards meet one of the following:

  1. For Shop Stewards who work Day Shift, the Steward must attend the monthly Membership Business Meeting held at the Local Lodge. For the purpose of this section, any shift with an end time of 1500 or earlier shall be considered a Day
  1. For Shop Stewards who work a shift other than Day Shift as their regularly scheduled shift or who works more than fifty (50) miles from the Local Lodge Hall, they shall attend a meeting scheduled by their respective Chairperson or its equivalent to be held before the start of the monthly Membership Business
  1. Shop Stewards whose regular day off falls on the date that the monthly Membership Business Meeting is scheduled to be held at the Local Lodge Hall will be required to attend to receive credit for the purpose of this
  1. Shop Stewards who are on vacation, official union business, company business, sick call/FMLA/Kincare or occupational injury for their regular scheduled shift on the day of the monthly Membership Business Meeting, shall be eligible for excusal and receive credit for the purposes of this section. To be excused, the Shop Steward must send a written request via email to the Local Lodge before the start of the monthly Membership Business Meeting
  1. In the event that the membership elects to suspend the monthly Membership Business Meeting to be held at the Local Lodge for any month, or the Local Lodge fails to meet the quorum requirement as provided in the IAMAW Constitution which prohibits the monthly Membership Business Meeting from taking place, no Shop Steward(s) shall receive their salary for that particular
  1. The sole purpose of the language of this section is to enable the Shop Stewards to qualify to receive their monthly
  • Any Member, Committee Person, o9icer or Shop Stewards who are unable to serve the membership on the property for a period of 60 days or longer shall not be reimbursed the monthly stipend. Only exceptions are union business, company business and scheduled
  • No member shall receive an salary allowance for more than one (1) of the offices or positions listed in this
  • All shop steward vouchers turned in 180 days after eligibility shall be void and will not be paid

Section 2.              Members appointed or elected, and authorized by the Local Lodge, incurring expenses or the loss of time while in the performance of duty, shall be reimbursed lost time at the straight time rate of pay.

Section 3.              Delegates elected as representatives of this Lodge shall be allowed expenses equal to one (1) economy Zonal employee discount or ZED fare to attend the event of which they are a delegate, or mileage equal to the government rate of reimbursement, at the direction of the Executive Board. A per diem rate of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per day for all overnight stays shall be allowed as well as lost time from work during travel to and from attendance at such meetings. Business that does not require an overnight stay will be authorized for not more than thirty dollars ($30.00) incidental. No regular day off shall be considered a loss of time for which the member is entitled to any reimbursement or wages.

  • Per Diem: When attending IAM Leadership Schools at the William Winpisinger Education and Technology Center, delegates will receive per diem for day leaving home and day of return only. Hotel and per diem will not be paid while training is in Per Diem will be $40.00 per day of travel.
  • Lost Time: Delegates will be paid only for days that they are regularly scheduled to work while performing union

Section 4.              For the faithful performance of their duties, members serving on special committees or as tellers may be entitled to actual expenses for meals if needed in such reasonable amounts as may be approved by the Local Lodge.

Section S.              Officers, committee members, stewards and members will be reimbursed at a rate not to exceed .51¢ per mile car expense and only in the event of non-routine driving in the performance of special duties at the direction of the Executive Board. Mileage incurred attending regular meetings, committee meetings or shop steward meetings are not reimbursable.

Section 6.              When attending union functions, it will be the responsibility of each union representative/delegate to return all hotel receipts and related expense reports to the Secretary-Treasurer without exception upon completion,

Section 7.              The Lodge may vote to give donations to sister lodges of the IAM for strike purposes not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200.00) per request. No donations will be authorized unless the request has the Grand Lodge sanction.


Section 1.             PRESIDENT: The duties of the President shall be as follows: He/she shall preside at all meetings of the Local Lodge; decide all questions or disputes not controlled by the law of the IAM; countersign orders and checks properly drawn on or by the Recording Secretary or Secretary-Treasurer; appoint Committees not otherwise provided for; administer the obligation to new members; enforce the laws of the IAM applicable to Local Lodges, and members, and perform such other duties as may be required by these Bylaws and in case of a tie, shall cast the deciding vote.

Section 2.              VICE PRESIDENT: The duties of the Vice President shall be as outlined by the IAM Constitution.

Section 3.             RECORDING SECRETARY.. The Recording Secretary’s duties shall be in accordance with the IAM Constitution. The Recording Secretary shall keep a complete record of all business transactions of this Local Lodge in a Minute Book. He/she shall keep a roster book of all members who attend regular or special meetings of this Local Lodge. He/she shall also keep a special book wherein he/she shall inscribe all resolutions of policy or amendments of these Bylaws adopted by the Local Lodge. He/she shall show these records at reasonable times to any member in good standing who requests to see them.

He/she shall notify all members by bulletin board of all special meetings at least three (3) days in advance of such meetings. He/she shall draw all orders on the Secretary-Treasurer when passed by a majority vote of the membership at a regular or special meeting of the Local Lodge and attest the same by properly signing and attaching the Seal of the Local Lodge. I-ie/she shall read all communications and have all bills of the Local Lodge available at regular Lodge meetings.

Section 4.              SECRETARY-TREASURER: The Secretary-Treasurer shall receive and deposit all Funds of the Local Lodge in a bank of sound financial standing in the name of the Local Lodge. The Secretary-Treasurer shall pay all properly drawn orders that have been signed by the President and Recording Secretary bearing the Local Lodge Seal, the check number, the amount, and to whom paid, and which checks shall be countersigned by the President of the Local Lodge, but shall not draw any check whatever in violation of the IAM Constitution. The Secretary-Treasurer shall provide to the Executive Board and the membership every twelve (12) months a monthly budget to include all income and all expenditures of this Local Lodge effective February of each year thereafter. He/she shall in every other instance perform the identical duties as theretofore assigned to the Financial Secretary.

Section 5.             CONDUCTOR: The Conductor’s duties shall be as described in the IAM Constitution and he/she shall examine all persons prior to opening of all meetings to ascertain if all present are qualified to remain and shall report to the President the qualification status of all present.

Section 6.              SENTINEL: The Sentinel’s duties shall be as prescribed in the IAM Constitution. He/she shall answer all alarms at the door, report the same, and admit all who are entitled to admission.

Section 7.              There shall be three (3) trustees elected by the Local Lodge. Their duties shall be as prescribed in the IAM Constitution, and it shall be the duty of the Board of Trustees to make an annual comprehensive report of all expenditures of this Local Lodge.

Section 8.              AUDITING COMMITTEE: The Auditing Committee’s duties shall be as prescribed by the IAM Constitution. The Auditing Committee shall audit the books each six (6) months in cooperation with the Trustee of the Local Lodge. The senior member shall be Chairperson of the Auditing Committee.


Section 1.             Nominations for President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Secretary-Treasurer, Conductor, Sentinel, three (3) Trustees, two (2) Building Committee members and each Local Lodge Grievance Committeeperson shall be held at the first regular Local Lodge meeting in November of the election year. Auditors shall be elected in accordance with the provisions of the IAM Constitution.

(a) Elections for Grievance Committees at stations other than LAX will be held in concurrence with the LAX Grievance Committee elections.

Section 2.             The election of Officers and the Local Grievance Committeepersons shall be at the first regular Local Lodge meeting in the month of December. The term of the Local Lodge Officers and the Grievance Committee shall be for three (3) years. No member shall be nominated to any elective office unless he/she is present or has given his/her consent to the nomination in writing.

Section 3.              The Fleet Service, Passenger Service, and Storekeeper Collective Bargaining Agreements provide for Committee Representation at each location within the Los Angeles point as follows:

Each Committee position will be elected solely from the IAM members within their respective Agreements at each location.

  1. LAX Fleet Service (BTW) – UAL Agreement
    1. (1) one Grievance Committee Chairperson
    2. (2) Two Grievance Committee persons
  2. LAX Passenger Service (ATW) — UAL Agreement
    1. (1) One Grievance Committee Chairperson
    2. (1) One Grievance Committee Person
  3. SNA Fleet Service (BTW) Agreement — UAL
    1. (1) One Grievance Committee Person
  4. SNA Passenger Service (ATW) – UAL
    1. (1) One Grievance Committee Person
  5. LAX Storekeeper Agreement — UAL
    1. (1) One Grievance Committee Person
  • Qualifications: In order to qualify to be nominated and elected Grievance Committee Chairperson, Grievance Committeepersons and/or Grievance Committee Secretary of Local Lodge 1932 IAMAW a member must:
  1. Be in good standings with this Local


  1. Have attended fifty per cent (50%) of the regular meetings of this Local Lodge during the past twelve (12) months ending the date of the closing of said
  1. Have been either a shop steward or alternate or a com- mittee member of any I.A.M. Local Lodge for at least one (1) year. One year is defined as twelve (12) consecutive months without any break in
  1. The LAX American Airlines Aircraft Mechanics, GSE Mechanics, Instructors, Planners and Stock clerks are covered by the Association JCBA. Only IAM members working under the IAM AA agreement shall vote for IAM AA grievance committee members. District Lodge 142 will determine the number of IAM grievance committee
  • Grievance Committees on carriers affiliated with Lodge 1932 will elect committee representatives in accordance with applicable provisions of the IAM Contract and approval of the majority of members on said

Section 4.             In order to qualify as an officer, Local Lodge Grievance Committeeperson or Delegate, he/she has to attend at least fifty percent (50%) of their regular Local Lodge meetings held during the 12-month period ending the date of the close of nominations. For a member to receive credit for the regular monthly Membership Business Meeting held during a member’s normal regular scheduled work shift, the member must submit a request to be excused in writing via email to the Local Lodge before the start of the regular monthly Membership Business Meeting.

(a) The Executive Board of IAM Local Lodge 1932 has approved the following time-lines and limits to be excused from a regularly scheduled meeting:

Member(s) will be considered excused if effected member notifies the Local Lodge of the absence prior to the start of the scheduled membership meeting via the Local Lodge email. In doing so, member retains consideration for upcoming conference(s), and election nomination(s) only.

Members performing official union business on day of any scheduled meeting will be considered excused.

Section S.              Vacancies occurring on the Local Lodge 1932 Executive Board, with the exception of the President, shall be filled by appointment from the President of this Lodge with the approval of the Executive Board. If there is more than one (1) year remaining of the term, the Local Lodge shall be required to hold a Special Election to fill the position for the remainder of the term.


Section 6.              During the month of January, each Local Committee Chairperson shall conduct nominations, and if necessary, elections, whereby the members of each shift will nominate and elect from among themselves two (2) Shop Stewards per work area, per shift. It shall be the responsibility of the Local Committee Chairperson to appoint alternates and/or replacements as required.

In the case of stations whose members are part of Local Lodge 1932 that do not have a Committee Chairperson, this responsibility shall be carried out by the respective committee person at that particular location.

In the case of Alaska Airlines stations that are members of Local Lodge 1932, this responsibility will be performed by the Chief Shop Steward, per the Alaska Airlines CBA. The number of Shop Steward vacancies shall be three (3) Shop Stewards for each individual shift.

Section 7.              The Committee Chairperson shall appoint an Alternate Committee member in the event one (1) of the regular members is unavailable. The Committee Chairperson for Fleet Service, Passenger Service, and Storekeeper may appoint a Chief Shop Steward as needed to assist the Committee Chairperson in any matters that the Committee Chairperson feels necessary.

In stations/work groups where members of Local Lodge 1932 who do not have a Committee Chairperson, an appointment of the Chief Shop Steward will be performed by the Local Lodge Committee person.

This bylaw does not apply to Alaska Airlines, per their Alaska Airlines CBA. The Chief Shop Steward position shall be done by nomination and election by the members of Local Lodge 1932 for a three (3) year term.

Section 8.              All nominees for Local Lodge office or Grievance Committee must notify the Recording Secretary of his/her acceptance of the nominations, or his/her name will not appear on the official ballot and it will be assumed he/she has declined the nomination.

Section 9.              The Recording Secretary shall have printed at a union printing shop suitable ballots with stubs numbered, and have the same available for the members to vote in all elections.

Section 10.             All voting for elected Officers or Grievance Committee shall be in the Local Lodge Hall by secret ballot. In all cases, the President shall at the nomination meeting appoint three (3) Tellers to conduct the election in a fair and impartial manner. There shall be no electioneering within fifty (50) feet of the Union Hall. Ballot boxes shall remain in the Union Hall where the voting is conducted at all times, and in the presence of two (2) Tellers. Each candidate shall be entitled upon written request to appoint one (1) observer who shall be permitted to be present at the polls and at the counting of the ballots.

Section 11. Day.

The polls shall be open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the Election

Section 12.            Not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the time when the elections specified in this Article are to be held, notice of the time and place, by letter or bulletin or by authorized publication or by other dependable regularly used means of communication, shall be mailed to each member qualified to vote at his/her last known home address.

Section 13.            Members who reside in outlying districts more than twenty-five (25) miles from the designated balloting place, members who are either confined because of verified illness or on vacation or on official IAM business approved by the Local Lodge, or District Lodge or Grand Lodge as the case may be, shall be furnished absentee ballots on written requests mailed or delivered in person to the Recording Secretary no later than ten (10) days before the date of the election.

Section 14.            Pre-printed individual requests for absentee ballots for the nomi- nation and elections of Local and District Lodge officers along with non-constitutional officers of a Local or District Lodge may be made if the requesting member 1. Resides in an outlying district more than 25 miles from the designated balloting place; 2. Is confined because of verified illness; 3. Is on vacation; 4. Is on official IAM business approved by the Local Lodge, District Lodge or Grand Lodge; S. On employer travel assignment. A request for absentee ballot must be delivered by the requestee either in person or by official government mail to the Recording Secretary of the Local Lodge or the Secretary-Treasurer of the District Lodge not later than 10 days before the election. Members voting by absentee ballots shall execute and mail them in accordance with Article III, Section 11 of the IAM Constitution.

Section 15.            The Tellers shall count only those ballots that are cast in accordance with the IAM Constitution. All absentee ballots must be requested by each individual member. The stub must bear the member’s name and address or the ballot is to be void.

Section 16.            Delegates to any Convention, authorized Conference or school shall be elected in accordance with the Bylaws and/or Constitution of the Body to which they are Delegates.


Section 17.            In the event any Executive Board member absents themselves from three (3) consecutive regular meetings of the Local Lodge without being properly excused, such Executive Board member shall be deemed to have resigned their office or position. The vacancy created by this action shall be filled by appointment of the President of this Lodge with approval of the Executive Board. If there is more than one

  • year remaining of the vacated term, the Local Lodge shall be required to hold a Special Election to fill the position for the remainder of the
  • Should such Executive Board member, committeeperson, or shop steward contend the refusal to excuse him/her for such absence is improper, the presiding officers shall prefer charges against him/her, charging him with conduct unbecoming an officer on the basis of his absence without excuse found acceptable to the Lodge, and he/she shall be tried in accordance with applicable provisions of the IAM
  • In the event any Executive Board member, committeeperson, or Shop Steward is absent due to extended illness or occupational injury, or on temporary assignment with the District or Grand Lodge, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the presiding president on a pro-tern basis for that period required. The salary for the position held will be discontinued. The newly appointed member who is appointed by the President on a pro-tern basis shall be paid the salary per Article V, Section 1 (a) and (b).

Section 18.            As there is an inherent conflict of interest, acceptance of a position with the company, either permanent or temporary, not covered by an IAM agreement, by any member shall constitute an automatic resignation by that member of any union office, position or assignment he/she may hold.

Section 19.            The President shall appoint, with approval of the Executive Board, the positions of Local Lodge Editor, EPA Chairperson, Legislative Representative, Safety and Health Committee, MNPL Committee, Human Rights Committee, Bylaw Committee, and Education Committee to promote the interest and welfare of all our members in relations with Federal and State agencies that regulate air transportation.


Section 1.             The Executive Board shall be composed of the President, who shall be Chairperson, the Recording Secretary, who shall be Secretary, and the other officers of the Local Lodge.

Section 2.              The duties of this Board shall be to deliberate upon all matters referred to it by the Local Lodge, and, at a time to be specified, report back to the Local Lodge its findings and recommendations.

Section 3.             Executive Board meetings will be open so that all members desiring to do so may attend. They may observe and request permission to speak before the Board on any subject under discussion. Visitors shall not be permitted to vote on any subject.


Section 1.              All Officers, employees or other individuals in this Local Lodge who are responsible for, or handle funds of or for the Local Lodge, shall be bonded in accordance with the IAM Constitution and the IAM Policy relating thereto.


Section 1.             Any increase in the amount of initiation and reinstatement fees, Emergency Funds, and Local Lodge dues must be handled on the basis of the procedures specified in the IAM Constitution.

Any other amendments to these bylaws must be handled on the basis of the following procedures:

  • All proposals must be submitted in writing stating the proposals intent, signed by not less than five (5) members, and referred to a Bylaws Committee appointed by the President. The Recording Secretary will notify the membership of proposals to these bylaws by circular, newsletter or shop bulletin All Local Lodge bylaw proposals must be submitted by April 15th of any year.
  • Must be read as proposed at two (2) consecutive Immediately following the second reading, the Bylaws Committee shall submit their recommendations. Second reading and vote to be held in the month of June of any year.
  • Reasonable advance notice must be given to the membership of the time, date and place of the second reading, and vote to be taken on the Bylaws Committee’s
  • Each proposal must be considered and voted upon sepa- A majority affirmative vote by those present and voting is needed for adoption.
  • One copy of approved proposals, together with the master copy of bylaws shall be referred to the International President for approval and designation of an effective


Section 2.             All resolutions of policy must be presented and acted upon the same as amendments, and, if adopted and approved by the International President, shall have equal force as bylaws.

Section 3.              The Recording Secretary shall keep a master copy of these bylaws and all amendments and repeals thereof.

Section 4.             These bylaws shall take effect upon their adoption and approval by the International President.


Section 1.             Nothing in these bylaws shall be construed or applied in a manner that will conflict with the provisions of the IAM Constitution. All matters arising and not specifically covered by these bylaws shall be governed by the IAM Constitution.


The following rules will be used to govern debate and are taken from the IAM Constitution.

Rule 1.                 On motion, the regular Order of Business may be suspended by a two-thirds vote of the meeting at any time to dispose of anything urgent.

Rule 2.

submitted in writing.

All motions (if requested by the Chair) or resignations must be

Rule 3.                  Any conversation by whispering, or otherwise, which is calculated to disturb a member while speaking or hinder the transaction of business, shall be deemed a violation of order.

Rule 4.

any circumstances.

Sectarian discussion shall not be permitted in the meetings under


Rule 5.                  A motion to be entertained by the presiding officer must be seconded, and the mover as well as the seconder must rise and be recognized by the Chair.

Rule 6.                  Any member having made a motion can withdraw it by consent of his second; but a motion once debated cannot be withdrawn except by a majority vote.

Rule 7.                  A motion to amend an amendment shall be in order, but no motion to amend an amendment to an amendment shall be permitted.


Rule 8. Chair.

A motion shall not be subject to debate until it has been stated by the

Rule 9.                  When a member wishes to speak he/she shall rise and respestfully address the Chair and if recognized by the Chair, he/she shall be entitled to proceed.

Rule 10,                If two or more members rise to speak at the same time, the Chair shall decide which is entitled to the floor.

Rule 11.                Each member when speaking shall confine himself/herself to the question under debate, and avoid all personal, indecorous or sarcastic language.

Rule 12.                No member shall interrupt another while speaking except to a point of order, and he/she shall definitely state the point, and the Chair shall decide the same without debate.

Rule 13.                If a member, while speaking, be called to order, he/she shall take his/her seat until the point of order is decided, when, if declared in order, he/she may proceed.

Rule 14.                If any members shall feel himself/herself personally aggrieved by a decision of the Chair, he/she may appeal to the body from the decision.

Rule 15.                When an appeal is made from the decision of the Chair, the Vice President shall then act as Chairperson; said appeal shall then be stated by the Chairperson to the meeting in these words: ”Shall the decision of the Chair be sustained as the decision of this Lodge?” The member will then have the right to state his/her grounds of appeal and the Chair will give reasons for his/her decision; thereupon, the members will proceed to vote on the appeal without further debate and it shall require a majority to sustain an appeal.

Rule 16.                No member shall speak more than once on the same subject until all the members desiring the floor shall have spoken, nor more than twice without unanimous consent, nor more than five (5) minutes at any one time without consent of a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all members present.


Rule 17.                The presiding Officer shall not speak on any subject unless he/she retires from the Chair, except on points of order, and in case of a tie, he/she shall have the deciding vote. Should the presiding Officer retire from the Chair to speak on any subject before the Lodge, he/she shall not return to the Chair until that subject matter is properly disposed of.


Rule 18. except:




a question is before the meeting no motion shall be in order


To adjourn



To lay on the table



For the previous question



To postpone to a given time



To refer or commit



To amend


and these motions shall have precedence in the order herein arranged. The first three

(3) of these motions are not debatable.

Rule 19.                If a question has been amended, the question on the amendment has been amended, the question on the amendment has been offered, the question shall then be put as follows:

(1.)     Amendment to the amendment (2.)     Amendment

(3.)     Original proposition

Rule 20.                When a question is postponed indefinitely, it shall not come up again except by a two-thirds (2/3) vote.

Rule 21.                      A motion to adjourn shall always be in order except: (1.)     When a member has the floor

(2.)     When members are voting

Rule 22.                Before putting a question to vote, the presiding Officer shall ask:”Are you ready for the question?” Then it shall be open for debate. If no member rises to speak, the presiding Officer shall then put the question in this form: “All in favor of this motion say ‘aye’;” and after the affirmative vote is expressed, those of the contrary opinion say ‘no’.” After the vote is taken, he/she shall announce the result in this manner: “It seems to be carried (or lost); it is carried (or lost) and so ordered.”

Rule 23.                Before the presiding Officer declares the vote on a question, any member may ask for a division of the house. Then the Chair is duty bound to comply with the request, and a standing vote shall then be taken and the Secretary shall count same.

Rule 24.                When a question has been decided, it can be reconsidered by a majority vote of those present.

Rule 25.                A motion to reconsider must be made by a member and seconded by another member with the majority.

Rule 26.                A member being ordered to take his seat three (3) times by the Chair without heeding shall be debarred from participating in any further business at that session.

Rule 27.                All questions, unless otherwise provided, shall be decided in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order,


Robert Martinez, Jr.