The April Business Meeting will be held on Tuesday April 02, 2024 at 4PM


Local Lodge 1934 Meeting Notice - April 2nd, 4PM

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

Mark your calendars! The Monthly Business Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024 at 4PM at our Local Lodge. Please arrive early for a prompt start.

Meeting Agenda:

  • All new local lodge bylaw proposals must be submitted to R.S Joe Martinez by April 15,2024 (no exceptions).

  • Approval to purchase a 1⁄4 AD for the 2024 IAM Commemorative Convention book for $250.

  • Local Lodge 1363 has been on strike since December 2023 and needs financial assistance. Approval to send $200 to assist Local lodge 1363.

  • Approval to send up to 6 members from AA to the Steward/Committee person training at W-3 from 05/28/24 thru 06/01/24. Cost to include lost time and $40 per diem going over to W-3 and $40 for the return trip.

  • Nominations for The Grand Lodge and District Lodge 141 Conventions will be held at the Local Lodge Business Meeting on April 02, 4PM

  • Approval to send + 1 DL officer (at no cost to the local) + 9 delegates to The Grand Lodge Convention from 08/31/2024 through 09/06/2024 and 4 alternates. Cost includes $289 plus tax per night. Lost time, per diem (may need to be adjusted) and travel cost from airport to hotel to airport. All delegates nominated must be in good standing and meet all Local Lodge prerequisites.

  • Approval to send up to 9 delegates to District Lodge 141 Convention from 10/28/24 through 11/01/24 and 4 alternates. Cost to include hotel accommodation of $219 plus tax, per day. Lost time, per diem, registration fee of $100, travel from airport to hotel to airport. (A voluntary donation of $40 to MNPL and $10 to GDA/TLC). All delegates must be in good standing and meet all Local Lodge prerequisites.

  • Volunteers are needed to assist with running the Delegate Elections on May 07,2024. If you are interested, please get in touch with Recording Secretary Joe Martinez

  • Approval for 8 tellers to assist with the election and vote count on May 07, 2024. Cost includes 1 day of lost time and $300 for food and refreshments.

  • Approval to send Jennifer Araujo to the Women’s Leadership Program from 05/11/24 thru 05/17/24 at W-3. Cost includes lost time and $40 going over and $40 for the return trip.

In Solidarity,

Joe Martinez
Recording Secretary
Local Lodge 1932 IAM

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